Undergraduate Research in the Mizzou Motion Analysis Center

Research Opportunities are available for students in the School of Health Professions, School of Engineering, and related disciplines.

Medical Image Analysis The Mizzou MAC uses the software program 3D Slicer to process medical images. (e.g. MRI) 3D Slicer is free for academic use and can be downloaded, along with tutorials at: www.slicer.org

Researchers proficient in 3D slicer can assist the lab by locating insertion sites for ligaments and muscles and by creating 3D geometries of musculoskeletal structures such as bones and cartilage.

Gait Measurement Undergraduate students may be involved in motion analysis studies conducted in the lab. It is expected that students become proficient in software and methods used in motion anaylsis prior to participating in a study.

Marker Placement: Assist researchers in placing markers on subjects. Typically the lab follows Vicon's plug-in gait protocol.

Post-processing: Processing and analysing experimental gait data. Software used includes Nexus, Polygon, and Matlab.

Kinect Markerless Motion Capture The lab has a variety of projects involving portable motion capture using the Kinect. Students involved in Kinect projects use C# and Matlab to write code for custom Kinect applications.

Independent study research courses (BIOL_EN 4990,BIOL_EN 4995,HP 4950) as well as funding opportunities may be available to students who have demonstrated initiative and competence in one of the above areas.